Download alexa app in order to setup Echo Input Portable smart speaker. Register Echo with email address and pair alexa to wifi. Follow steps or instructions on the page below.

About : Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker 

Echo Input Portable smart speaker is newly launched by Amazon. It have all the function that other echo devices have. You can listen music, add skills, free calling, connect it to smart tv, connect to other speaker using Bluetooth. 

Echo Input Setup Instructions - Connect Portable Smart Speaker

Here are simple steps to connect echo input to internet. You can use portable smart speaker without connecting to power cable so you can use it in home everywhere you want.
Here are some basic steps to connect echo input to Wi Fi. 

  • Unbox the device : First you need to unbox the smart speaker and place it somewhere at home. 

  • Make sure the device is Charged : You need to make sure that device is charged if it isn't you need to plug it to power. 

  • Download the Alexa App : You can download Alexa App on your smart phone, windows or on mac. 

  • Install App : Once you download it you need to install the Alexa App on your device.

  • Open App : Open Alexa App on your Device

  • Choose your device : To begin the setup, you need to choose your device from the list, which is Echo Input

  • Connect Echo to WiFi : In order get the device work you need to connect it to wi-fi or internet. 

  • Choose your network : From the list of internet you need to choose your wi-fi name. 

  • Complete Setup : Once the process is complete Echo input will start working.


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